Pelikan Hubs Pelikan Hubs

The Pelikan Hubs where Pelikan fans can meet, exchange experiences and network worldwide.

It connects people who are handwriting enthusiasts. A worldwide platform that combines knowledge with passion.

The Pelikan Hubs take place one time a year. It is a meeting of like-minded people who all share the same passion for beautiful writing instruments and handwriting. All people meet on a hub at the same day at same time in their local hub city all over the world! Writing instruments are brought along and can be shown and compared. It is a gathering with its own magic, sitting together and talking about fountain pens of all kinds.

It is a great opportunity to meet people with the same passion for pens, inks, paper, and handwriting! Shared passion is getting more if it is shared! And that is what happens in the fans hearts!

Final registration
has started for the
Pelikan Hubs 2023

We are delighted to inform you about the Pelikan Hubs 2023!

The first part of the registration process for Save the Date over! Everyone who has applied for Save the Date on September 22nd 2023, will receive an invitation from the Pelikan Hubs team via e-mail to finally register for the Pelikan Hubs 2023!

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