Pelikan Passion

What is it that motivates us today? We want to reach the hearts of our customers and inspire them with the outstanding Pelikan quality, represented by the “Made in Germany” epithet and highly developed know-how in manufacturing fine writing pens. To give the Pelikan brand a certain flight height it deserves, we started to create a communication tool containing a world of fine art, extraordinary projects and extraordinary people with high creativity, which makes our lives more emotional, colorful and inspire for more.

Each magazine has a core idea that serves as an anchor, a kind of guidance that runs through the magazine.

For the latest Pelikan Passion Magazine #5, we have focused on the theme "Flash me!". Meaning the total excitement of dedicating yourself completely to something that both makes your own heart glow, but also inspires others to become self-active. That's “flash-me-feeling” in its deepest passion!

An inspiring, multi-layered, creative and very animated issue of Pelikan Passion Magazine #5.


  Customer Magazine

We combine fascinating writing instruments with modern lifestyle and are pleased to present Pelikan to you in a new light. How is ink actually made? How do people in other cultures write individually? What does the "art of the pen" mean and why do handwritten lines never go out of fashion? We would like to invite you to get to know our distinctive handwriting.

Let yourself be inspired and browse through our digital editions of Pelikan Passion Magazine.

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