Classic 200 Pastel-Green

The morning dawns a new day with light fresh and softly colorful. So, too, is the color version of the Pelikan Classic 200 series in Pastel-Green. This semitransparent material completes the family of existing marbled color versions, but in a totally different appearance. The slightly transparent, pastel green marbled texture of the material allows a glimpse into the inner working parts of each fountain pen.

Classic 200 Pastel-Green
The Details

White resin parts and the gold-plated nib and trimmings, further complements, provide a well-balanced harmony between traditional and contemporary color shades and hues. The series 200 is available as fountain pen and ballpoint pen with 24-carat gold-plated clip and rings. The fountain pen has a gold plated-stainless steel nib and is available in four nib widths, all designed to meet every individual handwriting preference.

This beautiful new series is the perfect addition and sure to enhance every pen lover's collection. The new Pelikan Classic 200 Pastel-Green series will touch the heart and is the ideal gift for that special person or even yourself.
Quality, made in Germany.

Fountain pen
  • Fountain pen with differential piston mechanism
  • Clip in Pelikan beak-like shape
  • Clip and rings are gold-plated
  • Gold-plated highly polished steel nib
  • 4 nib widths are available: EF, F, M and B
  • White parts are made out of highly polished resin
  • Barrel made out of marbled material

Manufactured and assembled in Germany

Length: 12,5 cm with closed cap

Weight: 13,4 g

  • Ballpoint pen with a push mechanism
  • Clip in typical Pelikan beak-like shape
  • Clip and rings are gold-plated and highly polished
  • Front part is made out of highly polished resin
  • Upper part is made out of marbled material
  • Equipped with an international large capacity ballpoint pen refill in Black M (1,0 mm)

Manufactured and assembled in Germany

Length: 13,5 cm with writing tip

Weight: 16 g including refill

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